My freelance projects

Freelance projects

I have more than 10 years of experience from communication, both written and spoken. I have led several successful marketing and communication projects of various sizes. This is an overview of some of the freelance projects I have been working on. Want to know more? Drop me an e-mail!

Vasagatan 33

Vasagatan 33 logo

A freelance project owned by property company Wallenstam where I have been project managing the marketing communication activities, including managing the projects instagram account, updating the project website, planning marketing activities and being responsible for coordinating with the agency.


Working with the Swedish Sports Confederation and ENGSO (European Non-Governmental Sports Organisation) I helped write one of the chapters in the Aspire manual. This manual has been written for people who wish to make their sport or their sports setting more inclusive to people from other backgrounds. 


Working with Swedish football club AIK I am editor-in-chief of their members’ magazine for their junior supporters’ club (0-12 years). This involves planning, writing, layout, editing and creating the magazine which comes out two times a year.


Writing is my passion. I love playing with words and I’m fluent in both English and Swedish. Below are a selection of my texts that have been written as part of a freelance project.

Accessible Sports Organisations

August, 2018. Original text.

How to make your organisation more accessible to people with diverse backgrounds.

How to ENABLE change in fan behaviour and police response

September, 2016. Original text.

A look into how the organisation ENABLE is working to change how supporters, clubs and police work together around games

Publikhantering i svensk fotboll

July 2016. Translation, English to Swedish.

A translation of the published essay about stage one of ENABLE and their evidence based approach.


Podcasting is a relatively new medium which is growing more and more by the day. I have several years of experience from podcasting and am experienced in everything from planning and recording to editing.

I’m a co-founder, editor and presenter of the podcast Klackspark which was founded in 2015. 

If you are interested in starting your own podcast or need someone to help you edit and package your podcast – let me know!


Language: Swedish.

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